Paralyzed expectations

Why are we paralyzed by the future of unfulfilled expectations?

Because these expectations take the form of “Someday I will…” What if we framed it in a slightly different manner like “I can do x now so that x will happen, so that I can have the future I dream.”

How we frame things is important, and it does matter if the framing is positive or negative. Are we driven to take action? is another important piece of the puzzle.

If I promise my friend, I’ll meet you someday. Does this mean I’ll meet my friend? Am I just keeping this possibility open? Am I just being cordial and friendly?

One point is clear. There’s no sense of immediate action when I frame things with “someday.” When it comes to making goals, it’s better to frame things that will initiate action.

However, if you’re feeling overwhelmed with the stress of things, it may be a good idea to shut it down until you get your balance.

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