The year to forget: 2011

The year started out as the year of the rabbit on the Chinese calendar. With this in mind, I was subconsciously hoping the year would bring me health and prosperity, though, I’m the least superstitious person. However, the year of luck was shortly lived as the Arab Spring in February made a negative but profound change on my life.

Then in March, all hell broke loose in Japan as I experienced the shocks of the 9.0 earthquake that rocked the Kanto area. I was in an older building that I thought was going to rip apart. My instinct was to get the hell out of that building as fast as I could run. I’d never had any earthquake drills or preparation of any sort.

Days later I’d witness the explosions of the nuclear reactors in Fukushima on TV. This was a bit traumatic to say the least. The information flow was in a chaotic loop. No one seemed to know what was going on including the government. This lack of information only compounded to create an air of distrust between the public and government. But the distrust didn’t could be contained domestically, the panic overflowed into the international community.

Nine months later the Japanese are still wrestling with the aftermath. Many parents are concerned about the extent to which radiation has entered the food chain. Most perplexing is the lack of information regarding how much radiation is safe for consumption, and to make policy feasible, the government has to provide a blanket policy to reassure the public it is in the know about the situation. However, this is a hard task for a government that has long lost its credible by hesitation to take action while the reactors were in meltdown.

Optimistically, the press write that Japan will be able to recover and rise from the ashes like the legendary Phoenix. Troubling for may is the lack of a concrete plan to initiate recovery.

I’m not trying to be a naysayer, however, I’m still waiting for the government to give me something tangible that is viable.

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