Motivation is the key to success (or is it goal setting?)

I’ve got my passion, but where is the motivation? No matter how passionate you may be about doing something, there’s got to be some motivation behind doing it in the first place. Imagine if your only quest in life was to be happy. How would you get to that place without any planning? This is the problem I have with some self-help gurus.

While there are many living your passion pundits, there’s no panacea in terms of a one shoe fits all prescription. To illustrate this point, success can only be viewed in hindsight. But the question you have to ask is whether pundit A’s generic prescription is applicable to you. What most pundits fail to disclose in detail is the product or idea that made them their successes and riches. Instead, they generalize with good intentions of leaving you to do all the heavy lifting.

I mean, if I disclosed my secret idea in full detail, it really wouldn’t be a secret (since I would no longer have the leverage necessary to outperform my competitors). If anything, self-help advice should be taken cautiously. Because if you don’t have the self-motivation to succeed, then you’ll be piling up self-help books for the next yard sale. And possibly, a little more cynical and disgruntled.

There’s light at the end of the tunnel. If you can come up with a plan, the brain will miraculously work subconsciously to come up with solutions. Simply, you are actively thinking about a problem, so your brain will search for solutions. At the same time, it’s always a good idea to have a plan. You still have to understand that plans are made to be changed (but only if you’ve got one). So, in order to take action, you have to know what you want and where you’re going. As it’s been said many times, only you can decide that.

With the coming New Year, many people will be making resolutions and hopefully setting goals that are successfully achievable, but first you must remember that a plan (what you want to achieve and when) and motivation are key if you hope to get to the finish line.

Good luck!

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