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Sapporo Miso Ramen in Tokyo Advertisements

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Paralyzed expectations

Why are we paralyzed by the future of unfulfilled expectations? Because these expectations take the form of “Someday I will…” What if we framed it in a slightly different manner like “I can do x now so that x will … Continue reading

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Regrets are getting fewer

I wish I didn’t have any regrets, but then how could I stay on track with what I want to accomplish? When I hear someone mention the word “regret”, I used to cower and cringe. As I get older, any … Continue reading

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New Year’s Re-solution

I know the new year is about rejuvenation (a rebirth of past regrets) or goal setting in terms of self-improvement or self-aggrandizement. But, this year, I think I’m going to try something different.

Where have you gone wrong on the path toward success?

I’m going to work backwards. I’m going to make a list of things I don’t want to do in search of inspiration for things I want to do. The theme for this year is “conquering fear.”

I’ll make a list of things that I’ve been afraid of doing that have been holding me back. I think Ramit Sethi calls these “invisible scripts.” After compiling this list, I will map out my year the best that I can.

The framework I will compile my list from will be: What are things that I fear that have been holding me back from achieving progress and/or success?

So, instead of making resolutions, I’m going to think about what hasn’t worked and make re-solutions for success and progress.

I’ll let you know what I come up with next time.

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The hiatus

I know it’s been awhile since I’ve posted anything, but life seems to happen before your eyes. Or am I becoming complacent? I’m not really sure this is a good thing as we get older. So many things to do in such a short time. The sunk costs invested in choosing what we do. I just know that I wake up too often these days not being satisfied with what I’m doing. I guess it’s the universe trying to kick me in the pants telling me to get off my ass!

Now, the challenge that lays ahead is deciding what I want out of this so-called life. It’s time to get to the drawing board, to analyze, and to not squander opportunities. It boils down to two things which I’ve distilled so far: it’s a combination of what and who you know.

I’m going to get off my soap box now and do some zazen. If that fails, I’ll get out the pen and paper, and make a list.

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Today’s thought concerns something we preach that is near and dear to who we are as a person: principles (or core values). “Don’t be a sell-out,” you’re conscious screams. I know that this is sometimes tough to do, but principles should be at the heart of our core values. They should determine what and if we take action or do nothing. If anything, they are (should be) the litmus test for any ethical dilemma we face. What do you do when you violate one of your principles? Think about it.

Maybe you ignore it by justifying why it was OK to violate it just this once. What if you started forming a pattern, you lose your innate GPS (Global Positioning System)? You feel bewildered. You gradually are losing your sense of self. You’re principles are starting to become meaningless. Think back to the past when you really felt truly at ease.

A good example when you really felt centered. All systems are a go. Everything is aligned in perfect order. You’re in sync with the world, the universe, and everyone around you. Positive energy is just flowing and oozing out of you. There’s so much harmony in your life. You never want this feeling to end.

Getting to this place, however, took a lot of guts and patience to sticking to your core values. On the other hand, sometimes you feel lost, a bit out of sorts, and depressed. You really don’t know why you feel this way. Maybe, you forgot or violated one of your principles. When I do this, negativity feeds at me for a few days, literally sucking the energy out of me—I feel as sluggish as a car that hasn’t had an oil change in two years. 

There’s probably a reason that negativity is having a lingering effect. Your subconscious is sending a cautionary message telling you NOT to violate your principles again. How can I stop feeling this way? 

Listen to your subconscious. Nobody likes negativity lingering for more than a day. A more practical step would be taking some time alone to think about how important your core values are to you. Think of how / what principle you violated. Do some soul searching to decide why you violated it. Use your violation as a learning lesson. I know you don’t like negativity lurking for days, but you can use those feelings as a reminder of what happens when you violate your principles.

Finally, revisit and remember that your principles have shaped who you are. Think of them as the foundation for keeping you centered on your true self (so you won’t wander too far away).

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The beauty in Tokyo

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